How the Automatic Stay Will Protect You

Automatic Stay and Bankruptcy

Illinois Bankruptcy Attorneys

The Bankruptcy Code provides powerful legal protections for people struggling with debt and facing creditor actions. One of the most powerful forms of protection is the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a legal injunction that goes into effect as soon as you file your bankruptcy petition. Once the stay is in place, creditors cannot attempt to collect debts from you. They cannot seize your property, garnish wages, place liens against your property or contact you.

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What Can the Automatic Stay Do for You?

Whether you are filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the automatic stay will protect you from most creditor actions. The stay is immediate and automatic, legally barring your creditors from taking legal action against you.

In most cases, the automatic stay will:

Limits on the Automatic Stay

The automatic stay remains in effect for the duration of the bankruptcy case. However, if you have filed for bankruptcy once in the past year and your case was dismissed, the automatic stay will only last 30 days. If you have had more than one bankruptcy dismissed in the past year, the automatic stay will not go into effect at all.

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