The Truth About Bankruptcy

Common Bankruptcy Myths

At times, people believe that there is a moral stigma associated with bankruptcy. However, that is a fallacy. That stigma is perpetuated by individuals with an interest in seeing people not file for bankruptcy, like banks and lenders. The Bankruptcy Code is actually in place for another reason – for the unfortunate individual who needs a fresh start on life.

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Demystifying Bankruptcy Myths

Everyone has heard myths about bankruptcy, and we want to challenge those myths by separating fact from fiction:

  • I make too much money to file for bankruptcy.
    False. There is technically no limit on earning for those filing for bankruptcy. It is important to understand that many of our clients are educated, have multiple assets and are not a basic Chapter 7. We handle complex Chapter 7 cases for our clients.
  • I will lose everything.
    Untrue. You will not lose everything if you file for bankruptcy.
  • Bankruptcy is for irresponsible, bad or poor people only.
    Untrue. People from all income levels have filed for relief through bankruptcy.
  • I will lose my right to and control over my assets and finances if I file for bankruptcy.
    Untrue. You are protected by the Bankruptcy Code. It protects you from actions that are taken against the debtor that could harm him or her.
  • If I file for bankruptcy, my credit will be ruined forever.
    Untrue. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit for seven to 10 years. In fact, unpaid and delinquent debts will harm your score more than a bankruptcy. Through the responsible use of credit, it is possible to improve your score quickly. Using a single, low-limit credit card to pay for expenses like gas is an effective way to improve your score. However, you must make your payments every month, and you cannot carry a large balance.

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