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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Chicago, IL

Find Out if Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is Right for You

In the event you are not eligible for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help you reach your debt relief goals. Unlike Chapter 7, which cancels your debts, Chapter 13 reorganizes your debt into manageable monthly payments. Over the course of several years, you will pay back creditors what you owe by sticking to an agreed upon repayment plan.

In order to be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must be able to prove that you have the income level required to make regular payments. Find out if you qualify by scheduling an initial consultation with the Chicago bankruptcy lawyers at Sulaiman Law Group, LTD. Our team can put decades of legal experience to work for your case.

Not sure if Chapter 13 is right for you? Schedule an initial consultation to learn more about your options.

Understanding the Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Sulaiman Law Group, LTD. has stood apart among other firms because we provide client-focused representation that is aggressive and professional. When meeting with creditors to agree on a repayment plan, you can feel confident in knowing you have our firm on your side. We will make sure your rights and interests are always safeguarded.

How can you benefit from Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Filing can help you:

  • Repay your debts over three to five years
  • Save your home from an impending foreclosure
  • Modify the terms of your mortgage payments
  • Cram down on your car loan to reduce payments
  • Prevent wage garnishment or repossession

We also provide extended protection to our clients once their debts have been successfully discharged through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our "Protect the Discharge" program allows us to take legal action against lenders who harass our clients after debt discharge, which is a violation of their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Learn How We Can Help You Break Free from Debt

If you are interested in filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy but wish to obtain more information, our Chicago bankruptcy attorneys would be happy to provide you with more details about the process. We understand the prospect of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming, but the final results can help you move on to a healthier financial future.

If you are ready to move forward with your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, give us a call as soon as possible.