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When a homeowner realizes that their financial situation does not allow them to stay on top of their mortgage payments, many of them consider applying for a loan modification in an effort to avoid foreclosure. Whether your loan modification needs are due to a temporary setback, such as unemployment or an illness, or some other matter, we at Sulaiman Law Group, LTD. wish to help you obtain the debt solution you need to keep working towards your short-term and long-term goals.

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Illinois Debt Solution Strategies at Your Disposal

Many banks offer loan modification programs to homeowners, but we urge you to think twice before taking this route. Many of these loan modification programs often do more harm than good. By aligning yourself with a firm such as ours, you may have a higher chance of securing the positive outcome you desire. Our Chicago consumer law attorneys have first-hand knowledge of the loan modification process, and our negotiation skills can prove to be invaluable when dealing with banks and lenders.

By working with our firm, you may also benefit from the following:

  • Creative and innovative legal strategies
  • Passionate and well-versed legal guidance
  • Aggressive litigation skills

We will carefully review the details of your case to determine whether loan modification is the right form of debt relief. In some instances, we have helped clients obtain a positive outcome through the bankruptcy process or both bankruptcy and loan modification. We will identify and implement a debt solution strategy that is suitable to your case and will allow you to remain on top of your mortgage payments.

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Are you being harassed by creditors? We encourage you to consider our Protect The Discharge program, which can shield you from creditor harassment and negative credit reporting after debt discharge. We are proud of our firm's A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, which serves as a testament to the kind of representation we provide to our clients.

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