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When an individual falls behind on debt payments, creditors may garnish their wages in order to obtain payment. A debtor's employer will receive a wage garnishment order to withhold a certain amount of that person's wages. If you need legal counsel for a wage garnishment matter, we at Sulaiman Law Group, LTD. can assist you. We realize that wage garnishment can place you and your loved ones under financial strain and we wish to help you avoid this.

Wage garnishment in the state of Illinois is dictated by the following rules:

  • Only 15% of your wages can be garnished by consumer creditors, such as credit card companies.
  • Creditors must obtain a judgment in order to seek wage garnishment.

Other kinds of creditors may garnish more than 15% of your wages. We can take a look at your wage garnishment case to determine the most effective course of action.

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Our firm genuinely cares about the men and women we serve, which is evident in everything that we do. Regardless of the timeline of your case, we can step in and handle all the details on your behalf. We possess seasoned litigation and negotiation skills, which can be applied to your case in an effort to deliver a favorable outcome. We can also explain the benefits of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which can halt wage garnishment.

Once you have secured a debt discharge and wage garnishment has been stopped, we will continue working with you through our Protect The Discharge program. This program helps ensure that your consumer rights are not violated by creditor harassment and erroneous credit reporting practices under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

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If you are dealing with a wage garnishment matter, we are sure that you have many questions and concerns about what you should do next. A Chicago consumer law attorney at our firm can help you understand your rights and remain at your side until your debt-related matter is settled in an effective manner.

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