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    Unbelievable Service!

    I would like to thank you, Mohammed and everyone at Sulaiman Law for the unbelievable service you all have extended to my wife and I. Looking over the information you had forwarded to me I can appreciate the work involved in this case. All I can say at this time is Thank You. I, certainly hope everything goes well.

    I highly recommend Sulaiman Law Group.

    The attorney's at Sulaiman Law Group were knowledgeable, accessible, and delivered 100% on the results that they promised. I had problems with a foreclosure, bankruptcy, creditors, services, and credit bureaus all of which were resolved including lawsuits resulting in a hefty settlement payment. I highly recommend Sulaiman Law Group.

    I was first impressed at his professionalism and courteous manner of speaking to all types of people.

    People who need help with money troubles are often taken advantage of in many ways. I had the good fortune to meet / work with Mr. Sulaiman yesterday on a project and I was first impressed at his professionalism and courteous manner of speaking to all types of people, then I was even more impressed with his passion. This is the head of a very successful firm yet I noticed how he treated his employees, customers, even his family and as a photographer I have literally worked with thousands of legal professionals in front of my lens, but Mr. Sulaiman is as caring as he is honest as he is helpful to his clients. I hope you are never in need of the services he provides, but if you are, be sure to "interview" a few lawyers and see if you are as impressed with Mr. Sulaiman as I was?

    They Are the Best

    I was very apprehensive when I decided to foreclose on my house and after talking with Ahmed Sulaiman One afternoon he totally reassured me that I was doing the right thing and he also guided me into filing a bankruptcy to protect me from the mortgage company. All of that went very well. They have also stood by me and have been champions for me against the credit reporting agency's and my mortgage lender who have tried to smear my name and make it impossible for me to reestablish credit. They are here for me. They are the greatest that I ever expected. I cannot recommend this law firm enough. Do not have any doubts in securing them to represent you.

    Surround yourself with good people. People who are going to be honest with you and look out for your best interests. Derek Jeter

    Today was a wonderful day for me. I got a chance to meet with two awesome attorneys, Ahmad Sulaiman and Joseph Davidson. They are very knowledgeable and conscious attorneys. I know that they were genuinely concerned about me and the outcome of my situation. Over the past 5+ years, I have had several attorneys represent me in court and not one of those attorneys took the time to look through my documentation to find out about my case. They were only interested in their hourly billing rates and doing the minimum to defend my case. I ended up doing more and more work to defend myself. This has taken a toll on my family life and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have a consultation with Ahmad and Joseph. They explained everything to me so that I could understand and be able to make a valid decision as to my next steps. I wish that I had found them 5+ years ago because I feel that everything would now be behind me. I recommend that anyone going through foreclosure contact them. I must also add that Sulaiman has an awesome staff!

    Very Informative!

    Mr. Ahmad Sulaiman is a very organized and knowledgeable person. He answered questions completely. Roxanne is an amazingly wonderful, and beautiful, passionate receptionist. Carmen is a great and lovely, informative assistant. Great experience!

    Five stars *****

    My experience with Sulaiman Law group was very accommodating. Their staff is very professional and approachable. I never once had any trouble reaching my lawyer. Their follow thru is thorough and complete. I must say I began to sleep at night again knowing I was in good hands. I would highly recommend this law firm. They get the job done well with courteous attention to all and good care to you.

    Fantastic Customer Service

    Ahmad and his staff were fantastic! Every aspect from beginning to end was top-notch customer service. Ahmad equipped us with the information we needed to successfully proceed in the litigation process. He also demystified bankruptcy for us and my mother-in-law. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Fighting for U.S. Military Veterans!!!

    From the time we entered the conference room and met Atty. Sulaiman, we were impressed and relieved that the stress, anxiety, and trauma of our home's foreclosure would be in the capable hands of this brilliant legal team. They truly welcomed us as family. Trust is not easily earned. We recommend this Super Team to all other U.S. Military Veterans who are threatened with becoming homeless!

    Financial Literacy

    I heard a radio advertisement for the Sulaiman Law group on my way to work one Monday morning. As I contemplated how I would handle the upcoming payments on my underwater home and the interest only 2nd mortgage that I had been duped into signing years ago and how the interest period would be ending in a few months. the bank notified me that a large principle payment would be due soon. I realized that I was a Financial Illiterate, I decided to do something about my lack of Financial Knowledge. I contacted the Sulaiman law group. the person who answered the phone Roxanne, immediately made me feel like they understood my concerns, and my fears. Arrangements were made for a consultation with Mr. Sulaiman himself I knew we would hit it off because he came into the conference room playing a song from my favorite R&B 70's Trio The O Jays I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of the law and his musical taste. Mr. Sulaiman gave my wife and I a copy of his book The Consumer Defense Guide to Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & Creditor Harassment. What a Treasure Trove of Financial Knowledge and empowerment is contained within the pages of this publication. It was indeed worth the time and effort to drive to the Oakbrook office to meet Mr. Sulaiman and his professional staff.

    I would highly recommend the Sulaiman Law Group.

    I would like to personally acknowledge and thank the Sulaiman Law Group for your professional expertise and excellent client services that are provided by your entire staff. During the spring of 2012, after multiple attempts to change a real estate situation and financial loss during the process, I decided to file for bankruptcy. I began a web search for a law firm that was knowledgeable in both bankruptcy and real estate issues. I came across the Sulaiman Law Group, researched the site, and was impressed with the credentials. I made an appointment. A few days later I met Mr. Ahman Sulaiman. Imagine my surprise when I realized that he was the Leader of the firm. I immediately felt hopeful and confident. He answered all my questions in an easy to understand manner with care and empathy for my personal situation. I knew I had made the right decision. I was then introduced to Mr. Charles Mageski, the lawyer that would personally handle my case. Because of the complexity of my case, I was later introduced to Mr. Mohammed Badwan to continue another aspect of the case. The lawyers, paralegals and staff have worked with me for three (3) years to bring a successful finality to this issue. I have always felt their priority was my satisfaction in how they handle law and litigation in regard to my case. They are always reassuring and available to answer ALL questions. I would highly recommend the Sulaiman Law Group. They provide you with legal direction that is excellent and the chance to work with a team of people that are experienced, highly qualified and will treat you like a person that needs legal help.

    I must say I have never been so impressed with any one law firm as I have been with the Sulaiman Law Group.

    I had received recommendations from numerous sources that I should file bankruptcy after the economic recession of 2009. My home dropped tremendously in value, and my mortgage was underwater. I had expected a much quicker recovery, which did not occur, and in fact housing values dropped even more drastily due to the volume of foreclosures in the area where I owned my home. Additionasl problems continued to build when my wife's health began to fail resulting in numerous back surgeries and total disability. Our son, who lived with us became ill with spinal meningitis with devastating effects, and later he was hit by a car, which resulted in his total disability. We were living in a two level home with baths and bedrooms on the upper level. I was the only one in our home capable of managing the stairs. It was absolutely necessary for us to move to a one level home, however my financial status at that time made it seem impossible. I saw a mailer from the Sulaiman Law Group regarding underwater mortgages. I decided to consult one more law firm to obtain assured and proper guidance on how to best address my challenges. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Bottom line I now live in a one level home with my wife and son. Even though my wife is now in a wheel chair, she and our son are so happy with our home and their ability to move freely throughout and have access to every part of it. We can live again, and stress free from the load we previously carried. They have continued to remain helpful and available we whenever we call on them. I must say I have never been so impressed with any one law firm as I have been with the Sulaiman Law Group. Not only did they have the knowledge and ability to give the proper consultation, they were also very kind and friendly and pleasant to work with. This group has great leadership, which secures the correct decisions are made for the best and safest results for their clients.. Had I made the decision to go with the Sulaiman Law Group a few years earlier, I could have saved a lot of money as well as avoided so much stress and anxiety. This is a group of attorneys who I highly recommend to get the very best job done for their client.

    Law Neophyte Supremely Impressed

    At my very first meeting at Sulaiman Law, Ahmad made me feel assured that my options for relief were excellent. Ahmad has unique, specialized and specific legal knowledge that helped us greatly. He and all the lawyers and staff we have dealt with have shown what is indicated on their site: dedication, innovation, compassion, and excellence. We decided to hire Sulaiman to help us with our "special" bankruptcy and is now working with us on a subsequent mortgage foreclosure. Ahmad gave us hope and we have secured a successful bankruptcy result. Sulaiman has treated us with dignity and respect throughout. They have given us their full attention and has always made us feel like our issues and concerns were important to them, personally. Ahmad and his staff enforced the notion that our situation was NOT our fault, NOT unusual and gave us the knowledge and facts we needed. Throughout all this, we have been able to remain in our home which let us continue to provide stability and ultimate relief for our family. We are VERY grateful and look forward to the day we finally move on and can call Ahmad our friend and not our lawyer.

    Extremely knowledgeable, honest and compassionate

    My wife and I found ourselves in a financial crisis when I lost my job and was required to supplement income utilizing credit card cash advances; in addition my wife incurred significant medical bills when the insurance company reneged on their commitment to pay a large hospital bill. Bankruptcy was something we had never considered but after spending over $18,000 annually on minimum monthly credit card payments and facing the reality that I would never be able to pay back the credit card debt we finally investigated that last resort. I contacted the major banks and asked for an affordable repayment plan but my request fell on deaf ears. After meeting with two bankruptcy attorneys and receiving sketchy information as to how the whole process works we made an appointment with Mr. Sulaiman. We explained our situation and he and his professional staff outlined all of our options through a very detailed strategic planning session; at the end of the meeting we knew exactly what are options were and what steps would required of my wife and as well as the law firm. We filed Chapter 7 and now nearly a year later we are completely credit card debt free. In less than a year my credit score went from 546 after the Chapter 7 filing to 697. We now receive pre-approved credit card and auto loan offers and we can finally start saving for our retirement again thanks to this law firm. I have already recommended them to a family member who will soon be on the road to financial recovery as well, thanks to Mr. Sulaiman and his extremely knowledgable staff.

    Outstanding professional and human being

    We went through a difficult time in our life when we needed to declare bankruptcy. After having some bad experiences with different lawyers, we found The Sulaiman Group. Mr Sulaiman and staff made us feel like friends, not a number. Everything explained and he made sure we left the office with peace of mind. We can not thank him and his staff enough. We highly recommend him to friends and family if ever in need!

    This Law Firm gave us solutions no one else even considered.

    Our Bankruptcy situation was unique and every attorney we spoke to about did not seem to know the best steps to take. After meeting with Nathan at Sulaiman Law Group our worries were put to rest. His confidence and attentiveness were excellent. Not once did we fell like a "case number" to him. He always made us feel like we were his only clients. As promised our situation was taken care of and we are now on our way to rebuilding our credit with a fresh start. I highly recommend this firm and will refer them to anyone that is even thinking of using bankruptcy as a means to get out of a tough situation.

    Only law firm I would hire.

    My first meeting with this firm was with the managing partner, Mr. Ahmad Sulaiman. After explaining my problem, he thoroughly explained all options in clear, concise terms and what results could be expected with each of the options. After selecting a course of action, his people followed through with everything they said they would do and when they said that they would do it and kept me appraised all through the process. I have dealt with attorneys for over 30 years in business and I don't have a very high opinion of attorneys in general. Mr. Ahmad Sulaiman and the Suliman Law Group is the only representation that I will have in the Chicagoland area, they are OUTSTANDING.

    He restored my faith in the legal profession.

    I had been dealing with the bank on mortgage/foreclosure issues nearly 2 years when I learned of Ahmad and scheduled a consultation. Having been a law office manager in a prior life, I was immediately impressed with his courteous, professional staff as they created an "at ease" atmosphere which I felt as soon as I walked in the door to his office. Ahmad, himself, is like no other attorney I have ever met. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of the law but he took time to explain it to me in a way that I could understand it. After he demystified what had happened in my case, he explained my options and the result each one would trigger and indicated his recommendation and why. Then he said I didn't need him or any other attorney! This...after interviewing other attorneys who were more than happy to take my money! His honesty, integrity, compassion and patience places him at the very top of his field. I highly recommend Ahmed Sulaiman to anyone having financial/real estate difficulties. Not only will you know you are "in good hands" but your faith in the legal profession will be renewed.

    Truthful and Knowledgeable Law Group

    When my wife and I were buried with debt and an impending foreclosure, Ahmad and his team of the most helpful law group you could ever wish to meet saved us. All it took was one meeting to secure in us a feeling that there was a way out of the dire mess that our financial situation was in. I would heartily recommend The Sulaiman Law Group to anyone that needed help.

    This guy will get you the information you need

    I met with this lawyer for a paid consultation in his office and I am so glad I did. I had consultations with other attorneys trying to get the answer to my question and get to the true facts of the situation I am in. Ahmad explained it to me clearly. This attorney is up to date, knows his stuff, and doesn't beat around the bush. He cares about his clients. He will give you the facts and will tell you things that other attorneys will not tell you or that the other attorneys may possibly not even know themselves. I found out it is better to have everything looked at by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

    Sulaiman Law Group Provided Excellent Service!!

    Ahmad Sulaiman, Mohammed Badwan and their staff did an exceptional job and handled our case like true professionals. They made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process and were made available at any point should we have any question about our case. The most rewarding part was the service we received after our case was done. They continued to answer questions and help us with anything we needed and didn't ask for a dime. This group won't do you wrong. Sulaiman Law Group is the only Law group that we recommend to our family and friends going through similar situations. Just a wonderful job every which way.

    Best law group!

    When first facing foreclosure my family and I were in serious need of legal advice. I came across the Sulaiman Law Group on the internet and the outstanding reviews are what led us to finally make the call. Always having our best interest at heart, Mr. Sulaiman and his firm are very reliable, kind, and well educated. I highly recommend the Sulaiman Law Group to anyone facing foreclosure, they are simply the best.

    My life has completely changed with the help of the Sulaiman Law Group

    My experience with this law firm is beyond amazing! When facing foreclosure my wife and I were very stressed and embarrassed and Sulaiman's Law Group relieved us of all of our worries. When stumbling upon them on the internet, they ranked number one in foreclosure and bankruptcy and I can see why. Mr. Sulaiman and his firm were all very helpful, caring, and knowledgeable. I am blessed that I've had the experience to work with them during my family's financial crisis. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone; they completely changed my life!

    Mohammed Badwan Ch 13 case

    Mohammed did a superb job handling my Chapter 13 case. He far exceeded my expectations and the process was easy and fast. I had specific goals, and he met each one of them and in addition added a few things I did not think of. His detailed explanation of the process took much stress from me. I would not hesitate to use Mohammed again if I never need him. I highly recommend his services.

    Assistance in Bankruptcy

    Mohammed was extremely professional and very competent in dealing with our family's debt situation. He was advising us on the options and what is his opinion was best to secure our family and future. We had a very trying and emotional time; Mohammed made this an easy and painless transition in a tough time. We could not have been more pleased with his performance and the firms care for us. We recommend his retaining to anyone and we have too many family members that needed help. He has performed admirably and pure excellence. Thank you all so much.

    Very Professional

    Atty. Sulaiman & his staff are very professional in all aspects & knowledgeable. My bankruptcy went smoothly. I intended to foreclose but one of the lawyers, Atty. Volheim, gave me advice that helped me save my house from foreclosure. These are very good people, I cannot say it enough.

    The best team of attorneys to have on your side!

    Foreclosure defense might be very challenging and unpredictable, but one thing is for sure - Ahmad and his colleagues have the integrity and the knowledge to get the best results for you. I had changed 5 attorneys before I signed up with Ahmad and he was the only one who knew what was best for me and what was needed to be done to achieve the final goal. Yes, he was more expensive than the other attorneys, but on the other hand, when you pay an attorney who doesn't know what he is doing, you are just wasting your money and time. I found initially Ahmad Sulaiman on your web site. Thank you for your help in finding the attorney, who helped me in the resolving of the difficult puzzle of my real estate foreclosure cases!

    Happy Client

    I found Mr. Sulaiman's law firm on the internet while searching for a law firm to handle my bankruptcy case. I was going through a legal separation from my wife who left me with a mountain of bills I could no longer afford including my mortgage and was ultimately facing foreclosure. My first appointment with Ahmad was very reassuring because he fully explained all my legal options under various scenarios, the steps, and the process to achieve a viable solution. I recommend this law firm for anyone, who needs knowledgeable, understanding, and honest attorneys.

    Kind, Respectful, and Extremely Knowledgeable!

    Finally, an attorney that truly understands the law. Everything from speaking to Omar to schedule the initial appointment through my meeting with Ahmad was an amazing experience. I have successfully discharged a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oct '10 and included my home per the previous BK attorney (not Ahmad). Fast forward almost 2 years later, and I attempted a refinance on my home. I was denied at underwriting due to lack of re-affirmation on this mortgage debt. I was stuck. Can I keep the home or will a foreclosure harm the credit I've built back on the last 2 years? I SPOKE WITH 4 OTHER ATTORNEYS AND NOT ONE UNDERSTOOD THE LAW. LISTEN CAREFULLY, GO SEE AHMAD AND HIS TEAM IF YOU WANT RESULTS! You will not be disappointed. He carefully explained the entire process of the loan and mortgage vs. note, etc. Ahmad gave me the advice I need to make an educated and rational decision for the future. I can't thank Ahmad and his team enough and will definitely recommend his staff to everyone. Thank you.

    Down to earth attorney

    Just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the results achieved from Sulaiman Law Group in reference to Mortgage Modification and Attorney Fees re-imbursement. Not only did they fight to keep our home, but they stood by us fighting for our rights from day one till the closing of the case. They are very knowledgeable in the Mortgage industry, compassionate and down to earth kind of people. I want to congratulate Mr. Ahmad Sulaiman and Ross Zambon and of course the rest of the staff at Sulaiman Law Group for doing an excellent job and achieving results that spells "Satisfaction". I would recommend Sulaiman Law Group to anyone and everyone based on their accomplishments.

    Living Stress Free

    My visit to the Sulaiman Law Office was so healthfully wholesome and literally therapeutic. I felt as if I had been to the top of Mount Everest, where I breathed fresh and pure air like a cool refreshing breeze at high noon in a long hot summer in Chicago. My feeling of relief could be likened to that of a cancer patient, whom his doctor declares is cancer-free. In like manner, Attorney Sulaiman and the group gave me the blessed assurance and sacred certainty that I AM NOW STRESS FREE! Thank you Sulaiman Law Group.

    Literally a fresh start

    After listening to my answers to his questions, without reluctance and hesitation, without a second thought, in a friendly, confident tone, he assured me that I am qualified for a Chapter 7! Then at the speed of an invited guest lecturer, he explained how it applies to my case, in a layman's language, making the law as plain and as simple as possible, helping me understand that after the bankruptcy, I would have the right and privilege to start life anew - "A FRESH START" literally. He gave us all the time to ask questions with further clarification. He did it in an extremely kind and friendly tone, saving me from any embarrassment. He never made us feel conscious of his time; evoking in me a sense of profound appreciation, thankfulness, and gratefulness for such loving kindness.

    Too beautiful an experience not to tell

    In contrast to the heart -rendering experiences of arrogance and cold-hearted indifference at the other law offices, we were ushered into a conference room, where one is made to feel really comfortable. No less, Atty. Ahmad T. Sulaiman himself, the SUPER LAWYER of the Illinois Rising Star for 2010, 2011 and 2012 greeted me, my accountant and a cousin. My cousin said during the interview in such a heart-warming, personal, relaxed atmosphere, gently whispered to me that Attorney Sulaiman is the personification of a humble dignity and a dignified humility.

    Protected My Assets

    I really did not want to declare bankruptcy. But, I had no choice. I was forced to do a consent foreclosure because the judge did not care whether the alleged lender actually owned my mortgage or not. So much for abiding by the law in chancery court in Will County. That being said, Ahmad saved me from getting my ass sued off, wrongly, by the alleged lender. However, it was just a matter of time before I got sued for the second mortgage; and, after dealing with a judge who abused his power, I was sure as heck not going to roll the dice. Needless to say, I was just mildly upset by all of this. Ahmad met with me one on one, explained the process in detail, and had two additional attorneys walk me through the process. All the collection calls have stopped; and, I don't need to be looking over my shoulder. In addition, should someone contact me to try and recover from a discharged debt, Ahmad and his minions will go to bat for me. Its nice knowing someone has your back and actually cares. Ultimately, and maybe most importantly, I have a successful business. And, Ahmad protected my assets.

    Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, Efficient

    Sulaiman & Associates is a 5 star rated law firm in Illinois and they are superbly knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. Mohammed Badwan handled our Bankruptcy in a professional and virtually seamless manner. Their consultation, understanding, approach, and honesty are beyond reproach. They are patient, very through in gathering all the data and circumstances that are pertinent to your situation, and explaining the options in a manner and way for you to make an informed solid decision. We were extremely pleased with the way we and our case were handled and with the outcome.

    An Excellent Attorney

    My husband and I built a home a few years ago, and our contractor stole most of our money. After trying to rebuild our lives on our own, we decided we needed more help. We began working with Mr. Badwan to look at our options. We decided that filing Ch. 13 was the best choice for us. Mr. Badwan knew this was a difficult decision for us and he could not have been more supportive. Mr. Badwan took time to lay out all of our options and helped us every step of the way by answering questions and walking us through the details of our case. Although we were deeply in debt, Mr. Badwan took great care to make sure we received the best possible settlement. We truly appreciated the time he gave to our case and we are very pleased with the results. Mr. Badwan worked hard to give us the best possible future and we are happy about moving forward with our lives. We highly recommend Mr. Badwan as a strong legal resource.

    Great attorney

    Ahmad is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy Foreclosure attorney. His staff is amazing always making you feel comfortable. A home is a very personal investment, Ahmad always respected that. He also was very straight forward, and HONEST!!! Our outcome was a positive one; we modified our home, that's what we wanted.

    Super Lawyer and Super Human!

    I am currently using Mr. Sulaiman for mortgage foreclosure defense litigation and chapter 7 bankruptcy. I hired him because he came highly recommended and is highly qualified. Not only will you feel better about your situation once you speak with him, you'll walk away knowing you made the right decision to hire his firm. Super knowledgeable, super friendly, always speaks to you in language you can understand. His staff is always courteous and professional. There's no question he more than deserves his status as a "Super Lawyer". The Avengers should make room for a 6th man - they could use Mr. Sulaiman. And remember, with Mr. Sulaiman on your side, creditors beware!!!

    Relieved to know I'm in good hands

    This firm is outstanding. They made me feel so much better after my initial consultation. Ahmad took so much time to explain the different variables of my case. And at no time did I feel like they were pressuring me for their time or typical attorney fees. These guys are great!

    Knowledge Is Power

    Knowledge is power and Mr. Sulaiman provides just that. Two years ago I lost my job and was unable to find work. At the same time my son required expensive medical assistance. After unemployment ran out, I was forced to file bankruptcy. After several unsuccessful attempts at a loan modification, my family was facing foreclosure of our home. That's when I contacted Mr. Sulaiman. His assistant booked an appointment for me to come in and discuss the details of the case. Ahmad walked in and immediately put me at ease. He has demeanor is authoritative but with empathy for your situation. He discussed the steps of the foreclosure process, what I could expect given my bankruptcy filing. In clear terms he provided me the information I needed to do what's best for my family. What impressed me the most is the fact he had our best interest ahead of his. What could have cost me thousands of dollars did not because Mr. Sulaiman has integrity. He did not propose a solution that would pull money from my pocket that could help improve my situation down the road. He helped me take an honest look at my situation and make the decision that was best for my family. If you are facing bankruptcy, foreclosure or financial hardship, do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation. I can assure you, everyone will sleep better and you will be empowered with the information you need to make the choice that is right for you. Thank you so much Ahmad!

    Had an introductory call, reviewed my case, gave me great advice and said he didn't want to charge me!

    I called Ahmad Sulaiman based on reviews like the one I'm writing. I was a little skeptical thinking that surely no one has this many good reviews... esp. a lawyer : ) I have it a shot and left a message on the contact section of the web site. I felt like I knew the answer to my question but I wanted someone with experience to give me a professional opinion for which I was willing to pay. Ahmad Sulaiman himself called me, listened thoughtfully and patiently to my circumstance, and even reviewed with me a document I faxed to him prior to our call. He gave me the options, we decided on a course of action and I asked what I owed him. He told me nothing; he was happy to help but would appreciate a review. So here it is. If would call this attorney and again and recommend him in a heartbeat.

    His office Made it Happen

    We came seeking the help of Mr. Sulaiman feeling defeated. He honestly really helped us with the simple fact of informing us we had options; something at this point foreign. I had been working with a church organization to obtain a loan modification and as far as I knew there were only two outcomes: obtain a loan modification or lose my home; I was stubbornly clinging to the first which of course seemed like the only logical option. After discussing all options, we decided to try the loan modification one last time before moving on to another option, as we still had time. Time. Another concept foreign to me. I was under the impression, with the foreclosure already in place this was a race AGAINST time. We received regular detailed updates from the office (In Spanish a definite plus); this alone provided peace of mind. At this point we became comfortable with the idea that if the loan modification did not work out, it was not the end of the world. The entire family (even I) was on board with regrouping after a few months if the modification did not pan out even started talking about considering moving out of state to Texas and buying a bigger, cheaper home there. The point was I no longer felt trapped & defeated. A short time into it we received a trial modification, something we had come to know through the assistance from the church. By the end of the third month, we were asked to submit a fourth payment at which point we were content with moving on but decided to follow it through. That same week we received the permanent modification documents. The trained staff of Sulaiman Law Group reviewed the documents & submitted the paperwork for us, following through on our behalf until the very end. They even checked the court docket for us regularly & provided us with a copy showing the foreclosure was dismissed. We are well aware we were part of the small number of lucky ones who actually get a modification that benefits them and working with a number of other organizations before, can honestly say Mr. Sulaiman & his office made it happen.

    Miracles do happen

    If you need legal advice please call Sulaiman Law Firm .......THEY MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE VERY POSSIBLE...TRUST ME I EXPERIENCED IT FIRST HAND....ask for Ahmad Sulaiman he and his team are wonderful......I was in the worst point of my life losing my businesses and everything I worked all my life for and somehow this man saved the most important item I have ever had in my life "my home"...for that I'm eternally grateful.

    Gave us our life back!

    My husband was laid off twice in two years. We found ourselves overwhelmed by mounting debt and were experiencing many sleepless nights. One of the best things that we ever did was to seek advice from Mr. Badwan and his firm. They helped us to eliminate our crushing debt and be able to get a fresh start. Without the constant worry, I was able to focus my attention on my career which has opened up many possibilities as well as financial rewards. In addition to providing excellent legal advice and service, Mr. Badwan and his associates exhibit true caring and compassion for their clients. He truly gave us our life back!

    Courtesy and Respect

    Straightforward. Handles his clients with the utmost courtesy and respect, and helps them maintain their dignity and an otherwise demoralizing situation. The best law firm that we have dealt with so far!

    Extremely Professional and Responsive

    My experience dealing with Mohammed was very positive. He went above and beyond to make sure that I had all of the facts concerning my case. Their prices are a bit more expensive than the "television" lawyers but I feel that it was worth every extra dime due to the hands-on approach. I would recommend him to my friends and family knowing that they will get the best service. Another point concerning Sulaiman Law Group in general, I really enjoy reading their blog. It has a lot of great information on it. Keep up the great work folks!

    Eternally Grateful

    A major goal in life is to not only better yourself but try to build an estate to one day leave to your children which you know they can fall back on, in your absence. It is crushing when things unravel in an unexpected way, in our case family illness & our employer relocating made us find ourselves possible loosing what we worked so hard to obtain; losing control. Mr. Sulaiman helped us regain that control. He is compassionate enough to allow you to follow your heart even if the odds are against you. We were a number of months behind on our mortgage after only being able to submit partial payments every month and knew very well a loan mod was unlikely. Mr. Sulaiman lent us the help of his very well qualified staff to try the loan modification one last time, for our sake; to know we tried everything in our power to save our house which although underwater, we called home. He went over every possible outcome with us, and because our home was already in foreclosure gave us a timeline letting us know when we had to reconsider our options. Thankfully it never came to that; we obtained a modification with the help of Mr. Sulaiman & his staff! If it would have come time to reconsider our options, I know they would have handled our needs with care. Sulaiman Law Group, a very knowledgeable group of professionals to whom we are ever so grateful.

    Extremely Knowledgeable and Compassionate lawyer

    We met Mohammed about 6 months ago to discuss possible bankruptcy to come out of debt, mainly business. He understood our case quickly and recommended a strategy which worked great in our situation, with half the cost of what we were expecting. We came out very well informed of all our options at the end of our first meeting and decided to hire him to represent us after interviewing two other attorneys. He is a very devoted, personable and kind man. He makes you feel at ease and listens to you, which is what you want the most when you are going through financial troubles. He is very responsive with calling back or e-mailing in a timely manner. Mohammed is an excellent lawyer and I wish him a bright, successful future.

    Foreclosure advice

    I contacted Mr. Sulaiman about my options with a foreclosure. He treated me with respect and took the time to explain the whole mortgage and foreclosure process and presented me with strategies and tactics. Thanks to him I am now informed and empowered with the knowledge and all the facts to fight back. What other attorney would tell you, you don't need to hire me to handle your case, spending unnecessary fees, while telling me to contact him anytime with questions. If you are looking for a law firm that will treat you with respect and lay out all the options for you, then you do not need to look any further. By going with Mr. Sulaiman's team, you can rest assured that they will put forth their best effort to resolve your case.

    Great and very kind lawyer.

    Mr. Badwan is a great Lawyer very professional he answered all of my questions with kindness. I surely recommend Mr. Badwan to any individual looking for a kind responsive Lawyer.

    Bankruptcy/Chapter 7 Assistance

    Nathan was not only very easy for my husband and I to work with but he kept us informed every step of the way. He took the time we needed to be certain we understood the entire process. If we had questions he or his assistant were either available or got back with us quickly and the same day. Even though going through Chapter 7 is not what we intended to do, Nathan worked with us to help us make the best decision for our own futures. He was patient and understanding. I would highly recommend him and I have already mentioned his name and referred him to others. We were able to get through a tough situation and have it turn into a positive for us!

    Bankruptcy and Foreclosure advice

    Mr. Sulaiman was recommended to us by a trusted relative. My husband and I had been going through a hard time financially for several years, and were faced with a foreclosure. Feeling defeated and vulnerable and nearing retirement we went to Ahmad's office and were warmly greeted by a very knowledgeable gentleman. He and his team walked us through the bankruptcy process without a hitch. We never felt like we were left hanging without information, and always knew what to expect. They have followed us through each step of the way. I most certainly would recommend this attorney for anyone who is experiencing the same difficulties. It's a blessing to have smart, considerate and honest people on your side in such a time!

    Excellent Service

    I was most impressed how comfortable I was made to feel and how much time was taken when I asked questions. When we went to our hearing date, I was confident in what was going to happen because of the attention given to our case. Sulaiman Law Group cares about their clients and I will be giving out referrals.

    Very outstanding job with my bankruptcy

    I did a lot of research before I hired Law Offices of Sulaiman Associates. The reason why I picked Ahmad Sulaiman. Everyone at the firm was very polite easy going and helpful. And reasonable in price. Before While I was searching I was being harassed by everyone that I called Ahmad Sulaiman never pressured me in to hiring him and his staff. I was able to do everything by email which helped due to the distance I lived away from the office. I only had one visit to the office and when it was time for court they met me there. No hassles! I was in and out including the wait it took to call my case I say about 20mins I highly recommend this firm!!!

    Thank You Mr. Volheim!

    Attorney Volheim is the lawyer of Excellency and trustworthy. I certainly would recommend this attorney for anyone who is experiencing the financial difficulties. He treats his clients with great respect and gives us the hope of financial freedom. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Volheim for talking us through the bankruptcy!

    Finally a Trustworthy, Intelligent Attorney

    Ahmad Sulaiman is how the attorneys should be- Honest, trustworthy, compassionate and good listener. But unfortunately most of them are only after your money and care less for your benefits. My wife and I were in a big mess with her business and all our assets on the line, but THANKS to this gentleman who saved us. He and his team at Sulaiman Law Group helped us every step of the way and were extremely courteous, informative and professional. If you are looking for a genuine lawyer, he is the guy.

    Legal Acumen With A Heart

    Ahmad Sulaiman embodies the company's vision as stated on his website; dedication, innovation, compassion, and excellence. We hired Mr. Sulaiman to help us with our foreclosure. He treated our family with the utmost respect as we explained the long drawn out circumstances that brought us to our dilemma. He gave us his full attention and made us feel like we were his only client and our problems were important to him, personally. He gave us hope for the future, a concept lost to us during this most stressful ordeal. Specifically, he presented us with strategies and tactics with which to deal with the servicer of our loan and shared his expertise in how the case would be handled with opposing counsel in court. He presented several financial scenarios including bankruptcy to ensure we had all of the legal and financial data required to navigate our world of foreclosure going forward. Above all, he was kind to us and always reassured us we were not alone in this crisis. He understood our fear but wanted us to leave with our heads up, and empowered with the knowledge and facts to fight back. No question went unanswered and he made sure that we fully comprehended our options. Ahmad Sulaiman is a man of integrity who is worthy of your trust in the realm of his firm's legal matters. He is also a compassionate human being who will make sure you leave his office knowing you have choices. It's a testament to his legal acumen and human nature that he can impart hope to his clientele.

    A-Class Advisor and Attorney

    Mr. Sulaiman is an OUTSTANDING lawyer. His work and dedication to "Client satisfaction" is commendable. Not only did he help us protect our assets during the BK process, he is also guiding us through making right decisions almost one year after the case. I thank him for making possible the Good Life we are living now, stress-free and financially stable. God bless him.

    Nathan Rocks!

    Nathan is wonderful: patient, accessible, knowledgeable and a good communicator. If you're not a lawyer (and I'm not), he speaks to you in plain language, not legalese. I would definitely recommend him to others looking for a bankruptcy and/or foreclosure attorney. He's great.

    A Great Place To Work!!!

    I have worked for Ahmad for the last 5 years. This is by far the most rewarding law firm experience I have had over the last 16 years. He understands the importance of family and allows me to sustain a balanced work and home life. Not many firms offer that opportunity. He ensures we have the most cutting edge software to allow us to generate a phenomenal work product for our clients. I am proud to be a member of the Sulaiman Law Group. Our clients are treated like family and receive superb representation. I plan on retiring from this firm.

    Great interpersonal skills and understanding

    Mr. Sulaiman has consulted me on an array of matters and has always been knowledgeable, comforting, and very timely in his actions. He holds his entire team accountable to take care of the client. Not only does he have great legal expertise he puts the client at ease better than any attorney I have ever dealt with.

    This Lawyer Cares

    Atty. Volheim is very professional, nice, respectful, knowledgeable with good tips, very quick to reply. His advice helped me save my home when in fact I originally intended to foreclose. I was scared but he & the staff & lawyers at Sulaiman Law Firm put me at ease in this traumatic process. Highly Recommendable!

    Would highly recommend

    By far the best law office we have ever had to deal with. Before you contact anyone else... give these guys a call. They are the most professional, on point and helpful we have found. Whenever you have to go through a foreclosure there's nothing nice or fun about it. But after spending 45min on the phone with Ahmad today, we got our hopes back up.

    Extremely Knowledgeable

    Filing for bankruptcy was something I was scared to do. Nathan and his team me feel at ease and took away all my stress. They made the process feel effortless and were incredibly kind. I trusted them all the way through and was very pleased with the results.

    Extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and professional

    What a blessing to work with an individual who considers his client's needs over anything else. He truly was amazing, telling us what to do and that we did not need to hire him to handle our case as we could manage this without hiring him and paying unnecessary fees, while inviting us to contact him at any time with any further questions. What attorney EVER does that?? We sincerely wish the best for his successes as he has given us so much more! YES he IS the only attorney you will need!

    Fantastic Lawyer

    Nate was an excellent lawyer. He managed our affairs with transparency and knowledge. He was also personable and kind. We appreciated his diverse background and quick responses to our myriad of questions. Nate made us feel comfortable and confident, while giving us very sage advice. He read our needs intuitively and was able to provide us with what we needed and wanted. I trusted him completely with our case.

    Superb Legal Council

    I recommend without hesitation the Sulaiman Law Group's services. I fully endorse Ahmad and his entire team. At every point in the process from the initial meeting to the closure of our case every resource was courteous, patient and professional taking whatever time necessary to decipher our inquiries. I encourage anyone who requires legal assistance in this arena to pursue the services of the Sulaiman group, they are focused, sharp and results oriented.

    Outstanding work

    Mr. Sulaiman and his team are exceptional. Not only did they clear up a very important foreclosure case for me, but they did it expeditiously as well. They met 100% of my expectation and they were consummate professionals throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a law firm that will treat you with respect and lay out all the options for you, then you do not need to look any further. By going with Mr. Sulaiman's team, you can rest assured that they will put forth their best effort to resolve your case.

    We won our case!

    Hopeless is the only word that I can find that even remotely describes the situation in which we found ourselves. The bank had already foreclosed on our investment property, and was in the process of seeking a deficiency judgment against us to the tune of $100K+. The reasons for our initial consultation with Ahmad were two-fold; was there anything we could do about the deficiency judgment and if not, our options for bankruptcy. Ahmad's expertise and knowledge in both areas was immediately noticeable. The conversation that followed will never cease to amaze me. Ahmad refused to accept payment on a case that he didn't feel 100% sure that he could help us with, the deficiency, but instead offered us several ideas on how we, ourselves, may combat the deficiency judgment in court. He also informed us that should things not go "our" way, bankruptcy was a viable option in which to protect ourselves with his help. Over the course of the next few months, Ahmad, through phone calls, emails, and consultations, coached us in our deficiency judgment defense. Not only would Ahmad not accept a payment/case, which, even with the prospect of losing, we would have gladly paid, he was actually helping us to win a case that, if won, would nullify our need for his help in bankruptcy. THAT'S INTEGRITY. I am very happy to say that, with Ahmad's help, we did win that case, the deficiency judgment is gone, and the spectra of bankruptcy is no longer hanging over our heads.

    Customer experience with Nathan Volheim

    Nathan assisted me with a Chapter 13. Throughout the entire process he was readily available, knowledgeable & friendly. I never felt as if any of my questions were discounted & his follow up to calls & emails was impressive. An unknown process, such as this, is daunting & having someone who can guide you & reassure you know the steps is invaluable.

    Sulaiman Law Group -- OUTSTANDING!

    I learned of this law group in an attempt to keep from losing my home. I called on one day and was given an appointment for the very next day. I didn't really know what to expect from this consultation but within the first few minutes of meeting Ahmad I felt comfortable. I didn't feel rushed or as if I was being handed a 'standardized consultation'. He had taken information gathered the day before and had something relevant, to me specifically to offer. He asked pointed questions and encouraged me to interact with him. No question was stupid or unanswerable. When I left the office I felt encouraged and enlightened -- even happy! Ahmad provided me with tools and information for me to begin educating myself regarding the options and programs available to me. He encouraged me to keep him updated once a week on my progress and advised me that if I should need his services as a litigator he would be there for me. He was even kind enough to speak with me over the phone the day after my appointment to answer further questions I had and emailed me several websites to help me get started in my research! My advice to anyone considering foreclosure -- talk to someone at this law firm FIRST! The cost of the hour-long consultation will be WELL WORTH IT!

    Great Law Office!

    The office is great, from the Ahmad to the paralegals. Knowledgeable, friendly and to the point. Can't ask for more. Let me know exactly what to do, when to do it and made a process that could have been horrible into something that was easy.

    Bankruptcy process from the client

    Nathan and his team answered all my questions as a client about the Bankruptcy process. The team made it easy for me and my family. Nathan made it stress free.

    Far Exceeded my Expectations!

    Mr. Sulaiman's expertise in foreclosure defense is second to none. He outline options that I didn't know were possible to save my home. My girls will continue to have a place they can call home!

    Real Gem in legal profession

    Our initial consultation with Ahmad Sulaiman was to explore options to get us through our difficult times. We were quite impressed with his quick grasp of our situation and way of educating us, so we decided to hire him and his firm for a simple legal matter. His entire team made us very comfortable and his colleague Mohammad was excellent. In our case new complications developed and that's when I saw Ahmad as an eminent lawyer. He understood the complexities well and always suggested what is best for me, not his billing which is rare find in this field. He has an exceptional quality of relieving his client's stress and restoring their self-confidence during tough times. He is a terrific attorney with A1 work ethics. The amount of hard work and time he pours in his work and client satisfaction is commendable. Whether we live in or out of Chicago area, he will be our main legal advisor for life. If you are looking for a complete package, you got one in Mr. Sulaiman.

    Thank You!

    Nate was extremely helpful and prepared me for every step in the bankruptcy process. Nate and his office were very responsive to all of my calls and questions and the process went exactly as he described. I would recommend Nate to anyone in need of a bankruptcy attorney.

    All set and ready to go with Foreclosure!

    I met Atty. Ahmad Sulaiman today (Jan 25, 2011) and my first impression of him is that he is of genuine character. Ahmad is honest and he will tell you exactly what to expect or what not to expect. He is personable, exceptionally thorough and sincerely cares about who you are and always make you feel as if you are the most important client he has. I decided to contact his office because I find myself in a very tough situation needing a lawyer or legal advice and when it's time to make those tough decisions, I want to be able to consult with someone knowledgeable, one who has gained your trust and confidence even at the very first conversation.

    Very Informative Consultation, Thank You

    My husband and I benefited from a recent consultation. We were lost on what options to use, and just could not come to a clear understanding of what to do. We appreciate your time, and though we were a little late to the meeting, the attorneys were all kind and courteous and treated us with respect. They were not judgmental and it was obvious they knew what they were talking about.

    Upside down

    Our case consisted of a number of multiple problems related to our bankruptcy. The degree of difficulty was high in my mind. Fortunately for us, Nate provided us with the support and knowledge of today's laws for our protection. We are extremely grateful what he has done and would highly recommend his expertise to anyone.

    Expert advice, Professional & Brilliant

    There is no greater distress than facing the loss of your home. Mr. Sulaiman and his staff are keenly aware of this, and go out of their way to put you at ease. I went in for a consultation, and in less than one hour, they found a serious flaw in my mortgage, and I was provided several options. This office is the brain trust of mortgage law, and I was amazed by how much knowledge they gave away during a consultation. They are quick to grasp your situation, and they do encourage you to go home and think about your options. They also directed me to a web site to learn more about the entire mortgage process -they are very big on education. The advice that I received during the consultation was easily worth ten times the fee I paid. I will be contacting the office tomorrow to see if they will handle my case. I trust them and I will leave my name and number with their office, if anyone reading this website wishes to speak with someone who has gone in for a consultation. In this market, if you have any real estate needs, you truly need an experienced attorney with a sharp mind that can process numbers faster than anything I have ever seen. The graciousness, integrity and courtesy of Attorney Sulaiman and his staff are an unexpected bonus.

    Very Impressive!

    We were referred to Sulaiman Law Group by a friend who is also an attorney. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Nathan was assigned to handle our case and spent a great deal of time with us at our initial session leaving no question unanswered. He kept us aware every step of the way and was always responsive to our calls and e-mails when an additional question came up. Nathan took great care of us and continues to be our advocate after the matter was settled. You get what you pay for and we wanted the service, attention to detail, and quick resolution that was provided.

    When you have seen the rest and you're ready for the BEST!!!!!

    I have worked with plenty of lawyers who by no means can even hold a candle to Nate. He is very good at what he does; he treats you with the respect that you deserve. He is extremely knowledgeable with many facets of the law. I can honestly say that after our first meeting I felt like I was finally standing on solid ground and knew that he would steer me in the right direction and see me through this legal challenge to the end. I had complete faith that he would keep me informed and guide me through difficult decisions. Nate goes above and beyond the job... he is a well respected man because he has earned it. I would recommend Nate to anyone... he is one of a kind with a terrific team behind him to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Superb Attorney

    Mr. Sulaiman is a first class individual who cares more for his clients than himself! I wanted to file bankruptcy - Response from Ahmad "Don't do it - fight" I was reluctant, but I did. With Ahmad's advice I negotiated out of my second mortgage and we settled on 5K - I owed 72K. I couldn't have done it without Ahmad and his team. He spent several calls with me on his free time mentoring me through the process and I still can't believe the result. He is selfless, honorable and a pleasure to do business with. Oh yeah, did I mention he always, always, always returned my calls and didn't leave me hanging? Yes, he is that good and generous with his time. Stop shopping attorneys, if you are in a world of hurt and stressing about foreclosure or bankruptcy, do yourself a favor and call Team Sulaiman - you won't regret it.

    Honest, top notch, wealth of information here! Excellent!! Thank You!!

    If I lived in the state of Illinois, this gentleman would be my lawyer for life! He is highly knowledgeable in the area of foreclosures. I had the most difficult question (it seemed) that no one seemed to have the answer to, or at least take the time to answer. He did, and swiftly, confidently, and with the most sincere kindness of any Professional I have ever encountered. I thank you most kindly for your solid advice, as it went just as you described. Thank you so much and I hope many others will have the privilege of having you grace them with your knowledge.

    An absolute pleasure to work with

    I first approached the Sulaiman Law Group in the spring amidst mounting financial obligations. I met with Charles, who almost immediately put me at ease. He explained all options available to resolve my financial situation, ultimately helping me decide to pursue chapter 7 bankruptcy. Charles explained how this was the best approach given my financial state, along with specific details on how my credit and home/car ownership would be impacted. He kept me informed throughout the duration of this process and was quick to reassure and answer questions whenever needed. The bankruptcy was discharged without issue and this entire process could not have gone smoother. I could not have asked for a better attorney to assist me during this process than Charles. What should have been a very stressful process was made infinitely easier with his assistance. Charles was thorough, professional, honest, and friendly - I strongly recommend Charles to anyone looking for legal assistance.

    Thank you!!

    About 5 months ago lost my job and was in desperate need of assistance with a Loan Modification for my house. I was not getting anywhere with my bank, so I decided to look for help and found Mr. Sulaiman. I have never seen an attorney give me so much detail when going over all my options. He truly made me feel that I'm not alone and gave me such genuine advice on my situation. It's because of him they reinstated my loan and lowered my interest rate. Thank you!

    Satisfied Client!

    Mr. Sulaiman is really a lawyer who lives up to the great ratings. He was a great help and I will continue to refer him my personal business and those who request a solid lawyer.

    An outstanding Lawyer

    I almost lost hope of my situation and was in the process of being foreclosed. I looked up Law Office of Sulaiman online and met with Mr. Sulaiman. He is good listener and understood my dilemma. He is genuine and gave me all my options to get me out of a really bad situation. I strongly recommend Mr. Sulaiman to everybody with any foreclosure issues. It is because of him I still have my home and I couldn't be any happier. It's nice to know that they are still nice attorneys out there that really care about people that are in need.

    Excellent Attorney!

    I interviewed five bankruptcy attorneys, and had already made my decision as to which firm would represent me. One day before I signed, I received a call from Sulaiman Law Group regarding a previously scheduled appointment. After speaking with Mr. Magerski about my case and options, I decided that he would be my new counsel. I am very glad I changed my decision and highly recommend Charles.

    Thank You. Keep Up The Fight

    Excellent. We needed true and honest guidance and we believe we got it from Attorney Sulaiman and his staff. We recommend this Attorney and his firm to anyone in need of professional legal counseling and litigation services. I will use their services again.

    I Interviewed Five Attorneys, and He Was The One.

    I went to five other Attorneys and each suggested bankruptcy was my only option. I went to Attorney Sulaiman, and not only did he give me the facts he showed me how to achieve the goals that my wife and I had outlined prior to our consult. I am happy to have met Attorney Sulaiman and we benefited a great deal from the consult. My wife and I both would recommend Attorney Sulaiman and we will use his services for our other real estate and litigation needs in the future.


    Charles was a very knowledgeable attorney who went above and beyond to provide all information and options. He always got back to me right away and told me step by step what I needed to do. He was very efficient. He was very thoughtful and saved me from foreclosure and having my wages garnished.

    Treats you like family

    Mr. Sulaiman and his staff provide top notch customer service and treat you like one of their family; truly they are attorneys and administrative staff with a high sense of empathy and regard for their client's best interests. Mr. Sulaiman and his firm have provided many services for me, family, and friends and I would recommend them for any services you may need. I have used or referred Mr. Sulaiman for several legal issues and without a doubt every time he and his team have delivered. They exhibit a high level of knowledge, professionalism, and sincerity. They are prompt with follow up and very customer focused.

    Foreclosure Litigation, Loan Modification and Closings.

    I have selected The Law Offices of Sulaiman and Associated for far more than one matter and have enjoyed my experience every time. Attorney Sulaiman is exceptionally honest and kindhearted gentleman and made sure I knew he valued my time and opinion. He is clearly a "people" person and shows his clients how much he likes working with them, consistently takes initiative in difficult situations to find resolution before it escalates. Mr. Sulaiman's most important skill is his ability to effectively communicate complex topics and transition them into an educational experience in any case. I have always been treated like family and impressed by the ability to communicate with my Attorney at any given time. I could not be more pleased with his work, outcome of my cases and would recommend this attorney to everyone looking for an expert in the field or Foreclosure, Real Estate and so much more.

    Saved My Life

    Mr. Sulaiman saved my family and my financial future. He and his firm defended me in court and stopped the foreclosure process, and were able to get me a loan modification, when all other loan modification companies had failed. I went to other companies and almost lost my house because they could not go to court for me. Mr. Sulaiman's method of defending his clients to the max in the foreclosure court while negotiating the loan modification has been the best and tried practice I have seen.

    Lifted Burden

    It was a great experience working with Sulaiman Law Group. They truly understood everything and paid great attention to the details and truly listened to our concerns, since this is one of the major decisions that one makes in their lives. They walked us through the process step-by-step and they never rushed us during our multiple meetings. I would highly recommend them to anyone of our family members and friends. When everything was done, it felt like a huge burden had been lifted and was replaced by relief as all the stress was finally over." Once again thanks for everything.

    Thank you!

    Mr. Magerski helped me in my desperate time of need! He helped me save my home from foreclosure and reduced my overall debt.

    Delivered a Peace of Mind

    My husband and I fell onto some hard times and knew we needed to file for bankruptcy; however we were frightened, skeptical as well as ignorant of the entire process. After our first meeting with Ahmad Sulaiman and Mohammed Badwan, our fear was replaced with knowledge. They were extremely thorough in explaining the entire process and gave a peace of mind that we have not felt in a long time due to our financial situation. They were extremely sensitive to our situation and explained the whole process very clearly. They were very kind and personable, listened to our concerns, quickly grasped our situation and educated us on all our options. Our first meeting with them was amazingly educating and we decided to hire them to represent us on both personal and business legal matters.

    Gentleman and Eminent Lawyer

    Mr. Ahmad Sulaiman is a straight up gentleman and an eminent lawyer. He has an exceptional quality of relieving client's stress and restoring their self-confidence when they are feeling low through the tough times. He understands complex matters very well and comes up with remarkable ideas to best benefit you. He is a phenomenal listener, and makes you feel so much at ease that you feel like a friend, not a client. He is very genuine, hard working and devoted to his profession in a true sense that his main objective always is to relieve his client's stress and give them an opportunity to live a better quality of life. And he really goes out to achieve that and his client satisfaction. He always responded in a timely manner, even after hours (after long days) if I needed to speak with him regarding something important.

    No need to look any further for legal services

    It is no mistake that I gave Mr. Magerski all Excellent Ratings. As our family had reluctantly decided to file for bankruptcy, Mr. Magerski was referred to me by another very reputable attorney. Mr. Magerski was very meticulous in explaining the details and advantages of filings for a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He made me feel comfortable (and not embarrassed or guilty) in continuing with the process. Prior to using his services, Charles spent hours with me on the phone and through e-mails explaining the procedures, details, pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy. I was surprised that after speaking with Mr. Magerski, it was a comfortable decision for us to move forward with him. It was an easy decision not to hire the other eleven attorneys I spoke to over the phone. The fees he charged us were very reasonable. Other comparisons were several hundred dollars higher. The process went quite smooth. Charles was very friendly and patient, as I asked a multitude of questions. He spent the time answering each one in appropriate detail. He always made sure I understood all aspects of the process and that I left knowing what I needed to know to feel comfortable with all my decisions. Charles is very customer friendly and professional. He was there to aid me practically 24/7. He even called me when he wasn't working to answer my questions. Regardless of what type of legal work Charles is involved with, I would HIGHLY recommend his services. Professionally, I have worked with dozens of attorneys in my life, and I would rate Charles no less than an A in all aspects of his knowledge, kindness, professionalism and punctuality.

    Quality Service with Attention to Detail

    As a healthcare professional and business owner myself, I am very sensitive to the minute details with the quality of overall service- work ethics, professionalism and the team effort put in to achieve client's goals and satisfaction. I will give this group an A+ and wish them success and bright future. Keep up the good work...

    A rare find in the legal field

    Sulaiman Law Group is an outstanding law firm. It is unique in a way that its philosophy is in getting the job done without making things complicated. Most lawyers like to make your matters sound more complex than they are, and that's where they justify their high costs. The entire team at this firm is very compassionate, responsive, courteous and efficient. Everyone is extremely professional and respectful, and treat you like family. This firm is a rare find in legal field. We are delighted to have found them and would whole heartedly recommend them.

    Excellent, sincere knowledgeable attorney

    Mr. Mohammed Badwan is an excellent, sincere and knowledgeable attorney. He is always on top of negotiations with creditors and gets back to you promptly to give you any updates... He makes you feel very comfortable and stays with you as a good legal advisor should through the entire process.

    A Real Gem

    Ahmad is a real gem in the legal profession. I strongly recommend him.

    Dedication, Innovation, Compassion, Excellence... FOR SURE! Let me add...Honesty!

    Finding our home being foreclosed on, we were in need of legal advice. With our mortgage firm going to the courts to get a sale date on our property, we literally had a couple of days to act. Not truly understanding what we were facing, we sought advice from a lawyer we'd been working with. He referred us to the Sulaiman Law Firm. Upon the advice of this firm, we made the decision to do a strategic bankruptcy. As honest, middle-aged people who'd never dreamed they'd be foreclosed on or have to file bankruptcy, my husband and I were wary, nervous and totally out of our elements. Charles came by our side from the beginning and fully explained what we were going to have to do, what we could expect, and what we would be facing on the path we'd embarked upon. As we walked each step, he has been shown as honest, forthright and compassionate. We never expected to have someone stand by us the whole way, ready to answer questions and ready to follow through on his promises. Charles and the Sulaiman Law Firm have shown themselves to be all that one could hope for in lawyers and a law firm. We would readily refer others to this team of experts. Charles explains everything clearly and is not too busy or too proud to repeat things so we understand. His business card says "Dedication, Innovation, Compassion, Excellence". We truly believe we have found all of these principles at work in this honest man. We truly thank God for sending us this help!

    Honest and compassionate person who cares about helping people!

    We highly recommend Charles as an attorney. We struggled financially for years and we continued to go deeper into debt. After much agonizing, we decided that filing for bankruptcy was the only way out. The thought of filing for bankruptcy is very overwhelming and embarrassing but Charles made us feel at ease as soon as we met him. He walked us through the whole bankruptcy process, explaining each step in terms that we could understand. Charles explained our options and answered all of our questions (and we had a lot of questions). By the time we finished with our initial consultation, we felt a huge burden starting to be lifted from our shoulders. You can tell that Charles is a very honest and compassionate person who cares about helping people. We have already and will continue to recommend Charles to anyone we see that is in need of his services.